Microsoft SharePoint software technology for the implementation, management and documentation of a control system based on the Control of Food Safety HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Objectives of HACCP.

  • Production and marketing of safe food.
  • Give confidence to consumers and customers.
  • Prevent problems before they occur.
  • To control the critical phases of the production process.
  • It is flexible, it adapts to the company and process changes.
  • Integrates with other quality systems (ISO 9000, IFS, BRC ...)
  • It is the basis for ensuring safe products.

Objectives of the solution:

  • Manage the documentation required by the implementation of HACCP. 
  • Manage the verification procedures to validate the operation of the system and records.
  • Aalarm and warning systems to detect failures in the control registers made.
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