Corporate Intranet

A corporate intranet is a tool to enhance knowledge management as a strategic factor. The intranet facilitates and simplifies access to corporate and departmental information through an intuitive user guidance and integrated productivity tools commonly used Microsoft Office tools, content categorization, message functions published or edited content and powerful search tools .

Corporate intranet functionality:

  • SHARED immediate access to documents in the organization.
  • System notifications about changes in shared and archived documents.
  • Shared calendars, file and information management, notifications of changes and knowledge.
  • Teamwork: Control versions of shared documents.

Competitive advantages of a web intranet:

  • Sharing and collaboration environment, economic, scalable and easy to maintain, with the guarantee of Microsoft SharePoint.
  • WEB environment: All accessible and editable through a web browser and protected by permit system documentation. 
  • Flexible: You can extend the functionality of the intranet to add the web managing multiple aspects of business.
  • Teams more productive by sharing information efficiently and quickly.
  • Rapid implementation and progressive growth of the solution.
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