The cloud is a new technology delivery model of internet-based computing services.

The cloud technology is the development of technology which is the natural replacement to traditional models, eliminating the limitations offered by the physical equipment in local environments.

That means working in the cloud?

  • Carefree structure own teams.
  • The services are contracted instantly online.
  • End of maintenance and migration of hardware, software and operating systems.
  • Setting up test environments quickly and according to specific needs.
  • It is now possible without major costs facing complex projects, so far, required high costs on physical computers.

Advantages of the Cloud:

  • Save: the procurement of services is tailored to the needs of the moment.
  • Availability of services 7 days x 24 hours.
  • Increased security against local facilities.
  • Remote Control Panel to manage the services.
  • Savings on energy costs.
  • Instant Capacity Expansion or contracted services to meet specific demands.


Inforolot offers cloud services that can meet their business needs with maximum reliability offered by our providers such as Microsoft and IBM.

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